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Students Celebrate World Kindness Day

The efforts of a Kindergarten class connected to World Kindness Day were spread far and wide, when a video of their infectious dance of joy went practically viral.

The children from Seaforth Elementary are one of many groups of students throughout the District that used World Kindness Day as an opportunity to talk about caring behaviour and the culture we work to create together every day in our schools.

The students committed several acts of kindness, including a public display with signs asking drivers to 鈥渉onk for kindness鈥 near a local SkyTrain station, providing coffee and goodies to the construction crew working on the seismic upgrade for their school, and creating thank you cards for healthcare workers. They also did a dance choreographed by , Yukon’s Bhangra-dancing online sensation. That dance was liked by thousands of people and viewed by almost 60,000 on Twitter.