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Student Voice Elevated at District-led Black Excellence Day Event

The voices of students are at the centre of an event hosted and led by the Burnaby School District that will celebrate Black Excellence with thousands of people from across BC.

The day is sponsored by and co-planned with the . It’s designed to bring people together to honour Black achievements, stories, art, people, joy, love, and history. Students helped plan the learning event and have submitted a record number of video presentations this year.

色播直播 Chair, Bill Brassington:

I鈥檓 especially proud that students have stepped forward to share their voices to inspire change. We鈥檙e grateful to so many, as we walk alongside the entire Burnaby Schools community, whose diverse voices are helping to shape a better path forward.鈥

Participants will hear from several speakers, ranging from politicians and community organizers to athletes and artists. Tychon Carter-Newman, reality TV celebrity and actor, will emcee.

Grade 11 Byrne Creek Community School student Farhiya Dahir is one of the students sharing a video address of her own lived experiences and what Black Excellence means to her.

“For me, Black Excellence means a high achievement done by a Black individual. Due to underrepresentation, I often feel like I don鈥檛 fit into certain standards, but when I see people who look like me and achieve so much it inspires me to work harder.鈥

Grade 12 student Ashton Uwimiliana from Burnaby Central Secondary is also speaking via video on the day. He emphasized the importance of community.

“Nowadays, moving forward, in school we start to come together and are starting to be surrounded by like-minded people like [our school鈥檚 Black Excellence or] Bex Club. There鈥檚 only one way to go and it鈥檚 up from here.鈥

The event is being held in person on January 15 at Byrne Creek Community School with tens of thousands of students, teachers, trustees, and district leaders from 16 school districts joining virtually from around the province.

Chair Brassington on the significance of holding the event on Martin Luther King Jr鈥檚 birthday:

“Across the world, his moving messages of love, justice, and joy are still shared as a beacon of light. Amplifying powerful voices, such as at this event, supports change for a more inclusive society.鈥

The Burnaby School District is continuing its broader work and journey to support an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for all.

Learn more about Black Excellence Day and see a full list of presenters聽.

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Posted January 11, 2024