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Partnership with Burnaby Now Creates Opportunity for Students

Twenty-one elementary classrooms from across the Burnaby School District had the chance to participate in a unique project called Design an Ad.

In partnership with the Burnaby Now, the opportunity allows Grade 6 and 7 students to try their hand at marketing by designing an ad for a local business or organization. In addition to career exploration, it鈥檚 a chance to be published on .

The students鈥 ads are presented to participating businesses for their selection. The Burnaby Now鈥檚 move from print to digital has allowed advertisers to choose more than one winner if they wish.

Publisher Lara Graham:

The student-made ads are handcrafted and draw attention to the advertisers鈥 messages in a unique way. We鈥檙e proud to be able to offer this to local businesses and organizations and to provide a learning experience for participating students that enriches the community.鈥

One of the organizations that students design an ad for is the Burnaby School District. Students work toward a specific theme while creating their marketing piece, with this year鈥檚 being: 鈥淲here Learning is Your Superpower.鈥

色播直播 Chair Bill Brassington talks about its significance:

鈥淲e live in a society that鈥檚 filled with fast-paced change. Core skills, such as creative and critical thinking, are important for thriving 鈥 no matter what the future brings. In a sense, learning is a kind of superpower students can draw upon throughout their lives for the opportunities of today and tomorrow.鈥

Design an Ad is a longstanding partnership between the Burnaby Now and the District that began in 2003. Additional opportunities for career exploration are offered throughout Burnaby schools, such as through Programs of Choice, which are strengthened by partnerships with post-secondary institutions and industry. The options for high school students include everything from technology and trades to exploring health sciences or the world of engineering. Learn more.

The project is culminating with the chosen ads being published digitally by the Burnaby Now from the middle of April through early May. They are also showcased in a special Design an Ad feature, which can be seen .

Posted April 2024