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Pride Flag Raised in Advance of IDAHAT Celebration

The colours of pride are flying above the Burnaby School District Administration Office for the first time.

The flag serves as a visual symbol of our commitment to celebrating diversity and was raised by Board Chair Jen Mezei on May 16. The date was deliberately chosen leading up to the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, & Biphobia (IDAHAT).

The 色播直播 was joined at the celebration by partner groups, the Superintendent, Senior Team, SOGI leaders and district office staff.

District SOGI lead Bryan Gidinski spoke just before the flag was raised:


This has been a culmination of a number of years of work鈥 I think this is a pivotal acknowledgement of what we鈥檙e working to do in terms of creating inclusive communities. This flag, this symbol is reflected in the work that we all do.鈥

Each year, the District鈥檚 SOGI Committee hosts an IDAHAT event for students. This year鈥檚 theme is authenticity, with speakers exploring what it means to be your authentic self. Presenters include former student leaders, as well as people thriving in STEM, music, literacy, child care, activism, performance and the arts.

Since the pandemic began, the event has been held virtually with families invited to join students and staff at the online event or watch the broadcast and highlights afterwards.

IDAHAT is acknowledged internationally and was created in 2004 to draw attention to violence and discrimination experienced by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Find out about this year鈥檚 IDAHAT event on May 17 here.

The Board approved raising the flag last May and postponed it, due to flags remaining at half-mast to honour the children found at Tk鈥檈ml煤ps Indian Residential School.

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Posted May 2022