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Pink Shirt Day: Learning and Action

Pink Shirt Day is one of several recognition days throughout the school year that are opportunities for powerful moments of conversation, learning and action. The day, which takes place on February 22, began more than 15 years ago as a student-driven campaign to bring awareness to homophobic bullying.

In their letter to families, Board Chair Bill Brassington and Superintendent Gina Niccoli-Moen shared how a culture of kindness and inclusivity that encourages students to be proud of their authentic selves benefits us all.

Pink Shirt Day reminds students that they can be who they are, encourage others to do the same, and stand up to name calling, bullying or discrimination. It鈥檚 an opportunity to explore the origins of the day and for meaningful discussion about allyship, empathy, recognizing harm, lifting each other up, and celebrating kindness

Read the full letter here.

Highlights of some of what鈥檚 planned include a collaboration between Burnaby Mountain Secondary, Stoney Creek Community School, Cameron and Lyndhurst Elementary schools and the nearby mall, now called City of Lougheed. The students are creating messages of strength and kindness, as well as poetry that will form a large-scale Pink Shirt Day display at the shopping centre. On the day, itself, students will spread kindness to patrons with their handmade notes and gift cards provided by the mall.

Many have school-wide assemblies planned, such as Capitol Hill Elementary. As part of their efforts to combat homophobia and transphobia, they鈥檙e creating a rainbow hallway. At Cariboo Hill Secondary, Pink Shirt Day is part of Pride Week, with several activities planned each day.

Burnaby North Secondary leaders have organized a flash mob with Aubrey Elementary students. And with a grant from Intentional Acts of Kindness, the high school students are handing out flowers with positive notes to people in the community at a nearby shopping plaza.

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Posted February 16, 2023