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Pink Shirt Day 2020 in Burnaby Schools & in the Community

Pink Shirt Day聽reminds students that they can be who they are, encourage others to do the same, and stand up to name calling or discrimination. When students feel welcome, supported, respected and safe, they are more engaged in learning.

Our schools participate in Pink Shirt Day activities each year at the end of February. The day was created more than a decade ago as an awareness campaign around bullying. It’s also another opportunity to talk to students about caring behaviour and the culture we work to create every day in our schools. There are many initiatives and activities throughout the year that explore kindness and respect for others.

In addition to wearing pink, this year, students and staff engaged in the themes connected to inclusion in a variety of ways. Here are some highlights:

  • Elementary Leadership students from Edmonds, Gilmore, Lochdale, Maywood, Montecito, and Windsor engage in random acts of kindness and song at Metropolis
  • A flash mob made up of elementary and secondary students from Cameron, Stoney Creek and Burnaby Mountain聽surprise shoppers at Lougheed Town Centre
  • A theatrical dance by Taylor Park Elementary鈥檚 Dance Crew聽at a school assembly shares insight on how to deal with bullying
  • A photo wall聽created at Buckingham Elementary is a way for students, staff, parents, and community partners to show kindness in their community and be the “I” in KIND
  • Sidewalk sentiments in chalk are a work of art and kindness at Suncrest Elementary
  • Students at Edmonds Community School present a skit to address bullying
  • A live concert at Taylor Park Elementary with singer and motivational speaker Ryan Laird
  • A flash mob at Burnaby North Secondary to bring attention to the day
  • Kindness cookies distributed to every student at Moscrop Secondary made by Mentorship students

Our new strategic plan affirms our dedication to inclusive environments and ongoing efforts to support the individual learning needs of every child, as outlined in the letter to families about Pink Shirt Day from Board Chair Gary Wong and Superintendent Gina Niccoli-Moen:

The strength in our differences and the richness of what makes us unique is reflected both in the community in which we live and in our schools. Each and every one of our students and staff are valued and respected members of our community. The increasingly global nature of Burnaby provides us with unique educational opportunities for all of our students. Learning first-hand about other perspectives 鈥 whether it be about cultural awareness or other expressions of who you are 鈥 benefits us all.”聽

Posted February 2020