Late French Immersion

Late Immersion begins in Grade 6 and is an intensive and effective way for students to learn and study the French language and culture while following the full provincial curriculum.

It is best suited for those students in grade 5 who:

  • enjoy Core French,
  • have demonstrated a sound development in English Language Arts,
  • seek an academic challenge

English may be used at the outset to establish routines, but after this, English is used only if necessary in exceptional circumstances. Because the Late Immersion program is more intensive than the Early Immersion program, a high level of student commitment and motivation is required.

Grades 8-10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Percent of Material Taught in French
15 to 25%

Late Immersion Schools

Armstrong Elementary
Marlborough Elementary

Secondary Immersion Schools

Early and Late Immersion students enter the same Secondary Immersion program in Grade 8.

Cariboo Hill Secondary
Moscrop Secondary
Alpha Secondary

Apply for the Late French Immersion program through the registration page.