Role of D.S.A.C.

  • to provide a formal process for Burnaby students to express their ideas and concerns regarding district programs and operations to the school board;
  • to assist in decision-making in regard to school district programs, policies and practices through information, input and recommendations;
  • to provide a formal process for the Superintendent of Schools and district administrative staff to receive input and feedback regarding district programs and operations; and
  • to provide students with an opportunity to explore issues concerning youth in the community


Guidelines for Selection:

  • five students from each school;
  • a mixture of students from junior and senior grades;
  • students willing to meet as a school-based team between official meetings of D.S.A.C.;
  • students who have already developed leadership skills and who understand group process and their responsibility to that process;
  • students who will represent the school’s voice, not their own opinions;
  • students who represent the various elements of their school’s population; and
  • students willing to consult within the school, when appropriate, in order to bring an informed response to D.S.A.C. meetings.