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Breaking Down Barriers: New Plan Toward Greater Accessibility

Our schools are for everyone. We鈥檝e completed an Accessibility Plan as part of our work toward making the District鈥檚 learning and working environments inclusive and accessible places for all. To help us make improvements, we鈥檙e seeking feedback on both the plan, itself, and information about barriers people may be experiencing in our District.

Living Our Values

In addition to meeting the legal requirements under the , the Burnaby School District鈥檚 Accessibility Plan reflects our commitment to equity, access, and inclusion, which is a value in the 色播直播鈥檚 Strategic Plan. This long-standing value is part of the foundation of everything we do.

Equity, Access, Inclusion
Our schools are for everyone. We recognize that barriers exist and seek to identify and remove them. We encourage our learners to speak honestly, and we uphold the rights of individuals, families and organizations within our schools and our community. We value and respect everyone鈥檚 contributions.
One of the Core Values in the Board鈥檚 Strategic Plan

The Accessibility Plan

The new plan outlines the priorities and actions to remove and prevent barriers. Additionally, it expands on our ongoing work to promote inclusion in the District鈥檚 school communities and workplaces for individuals with disabilities, diverse and special needs.

色播直播 Chair Bill Brassington:

鈥淎s this plan moves off the page and into action, feedback from the District鈥檚 school communities and employees is essential. If the District is to truly be a place that is inclusive and accessible for all, we must learn from the lived experiences of people with disabilities as we work together to remove barriers that impact day-to-day lives.鈥

The District鈥檚 Accessibility Plan is designed to be a living document that will be updated as we further engage with and learn from people facing barriers and those with disabilities.

Read the Accessibility Plan

The plan incorporates consultation and input received by the District鈥檚 Accessibility Advisory Committee and the Accessibility Working Group. Of note is that more than half of the members on the Committee have lived experience with disabilities and accessibility.

Providing Your Feedback

We鈥檙e asking people who interact with the Burnaby School District to provide feedback on:

  • the Accessibility Plan, and/or
  • their accessibility experiences in the District.

To learn more and provide your thoughts, click here.

This journey is ongoing, as we seek feedback through engagement in order to continuously improve accessibility in the Burnaby School District.


Posted December 2023